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Samara Morgan's Journal

you have 7 days

everyone will suffer:: samara morgan
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No, I'm not REALLY Samara Morgan, even though I wish I was. I don't own The Ring in any way. I'm just an RPGer with way too much free time.


My name is Samara Morgan. I was tossed down a well by my mother... and I made a videotape of my life. But the videotape kills people cuz I'm... yeah, I'm evil. Boo. =P I have long black hair which covers my pissed-off mutilated face, and I wear white dresses. woot.

Evil Sidekick: midgetbreeder, jeweledprincess, ohemgee_olive, thrown_below8, samara171, splynterhayde
Evil Daddy: foreversad
Evil Secretary: cutedestruction
Evil Groupies: killerphoenix, and spazishness
Evil Twin: iluvkumquats
Evil Predecessor (Sadako): sadako7days
Evil Pet: midgetbreeder's midget.
Evil Stylist: slakkiej
Evil Rapist: ____discontent