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long rant...

Grrr. Seriously people. If you aren't prepared to suffer the consequences DON'T WATCH THE TAPE. Seriously.
First of all, this kid, his name's Jordan (he's 16 or so), he watched it last week and I been counting off the days till I can go catch the fucker. And his time finally came today at 4:56. Mountain time, in case you were wondering. I mean, I'd cleared my schedule just to plan this kid's death. I was supposed to go see the Fantastic Four with my friend Olly and everything. But no, I call up Olly, I say, "hey man, can't go with you today. I got some killing to do."
This kid was so much fun to mess with. I like made him see horses everywhere, I'd appear sporadically in windows and other reflective surfaces (because I can, WHAT), and when I gave him "the mark", this is what I'm really proud of. I made him dream he was in a grocery store and all the lights went out. Then, the store PA system started playing noises from the tape. He was trying to run out of the aisle, but it was like he couldn't move from the spot. He's looking around all freaked out and shit, and then water starts dripping from the ceiling. It forms a huge puddle and starts to move towards him, and he's looking down on it. I swear, there's no other name for his expression but "OMG". And then, wham! I come up out of the puddle and grab him and he wakes up. Hehehehe...
So after all of that, I was ready to off the bastard. Then, things take a turn for the worst (rather, annoying).
Alright, somehow the idiot got the idea that turning your television to the wall keeps me from coming out. Even if that was the case, it DOESN'T WORK IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE TELEVISION. So one second I'm crawling out of the well, walking closer towards him, and he's all scared and shit, like pissing his pants. And the next, he somehow wills his limbs to move, and he gets up and turns his television around and pushes it against the wall. So, I stop, and seriously make this face: -_-. I can hear him laughing and everything. He screams, "I beat her! I won!" I don't think so, little man!
So, I'm pretty pissed. I hate it, FUCKING HATE IT, when these doomed fuckers make everything tough on themselves AND me. So, I let him think he's won. The television turns off, and he's seriously jumping for joy. He picks up his phone to call someone, presumably to gloat, but I'm miles ahead of him. When he picks it up, water starts coming out of the ear holes. Then I make it explode. Hehehehe...
He starts screaming, so I think this is a good time to start flickering the lights. Lame, I know, but in the right circumstances, it can be effective. I tip his television over and it flickers on again. Bam! Well.
So he bolts. Little shit. How are you going to run from me? I'm starting to get really annoyed.
He runs upstairs to his room and locks the door. Because, I'm not a ghost or something. -_- face again.
Son of a bitch forgets he has a television in his room I guess. Or maybe he only thought it works on the television you watched it on, that being in the family room downstairs, where we just were. If that kind of shit stopped me, I'd never get anything done. So, he's breathing hard and fast and looking around all paranoid. Then he like lowers his head and breathes a sigh of relief. Right then, I decide to hurry things up. His television turns on and it's the well, of course. He turns around and screams, like a girl, I might add. So he opens his door to bolt, again, and by this time I'm seriously losing my patience. So I just say to myself, "fuck it."
When he opens his door, I'm waiting on the other side. Then, you know the drill. Eye. Scream. Death. ^_^
Seriously. If you're not going to go to do something as simple as COPY THE TAPE, then don't get all pissy and scared and shit when your time comes, fucker! God. It's not like copying the tape takes a lot of time! It's not like it's any big secret anymore! God.

In any case, I rented Suicide Club tonight. I heard it'll scare the shit out of me. Ha!

See ya, lovelies.
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