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Hi, I have some bad news and a good oportunity for some people. I am sorry to iform all my minnions that...*sigh* I will not be able to post. I have to much to do. I know, Sux right? Well, if you want the job all you have to do is E-mail me at NDeadofnight@comcast.net. If you post on here chances are I wont respond so it will be much easier if you just email me. This is what I want if you want the part...

1. Good reason
2. Evilness
3. Telling me what you would do to help this run down fuck of a well
4. Name (first)
5. And if you are worthy enough

I will email you all back! And, the person who I think will be a good Samara Morgan and will be chosen on the date I think is most....good lol. But, I will not be able to respond to your emails till Sunday or further noticed. I know, busy! But I also know alot of people who would like to be the new Samara Morgan. Thank you, AND GOOD LUCK!

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